With lock-down, March 2020 saw SALT Boutique closing it’s doors to regular operation and the beginning of its functioning as an Isolation Centre for local community members and key service workers.

SALT has been lucky enough to enlist the expertise of a local company, CICS Ltd, in the task of clearing the property of all risks that could be posed to guests. They tested, decontaminated, and deep-cleaned every nook and cranny of the property, using foggers to remove any airborne bacteria; This is a repeat service that SALT will be using to ensure complete safety for all guests as well as staff.

Each member of our front of house team has completed training which shows them the correct way to implement and manage the business during the pandemic. We have installed hand sanitation stations at every door, and a strict 2-meter protocol is implemented across the premises. Each bathroom has been stocked with 70% Alcohol sanitiser, and are being decontaminated multiple times a day.

SALT Boutique also ensured the sanitation of all our bedrooms by stripping and washing all bedding to destroy all bacteria, deep cleaning, and vacuuming every mattress, as well as the room receiving a decontamination fogging.

With these measures having been taken and appropriate precautions in place, we are ready to tackle the Coronavirus in Cape Town!

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