SALT’s dining extravaganza is within the village’s central A-frame hub. The eatery is home to a 16 seater, tall dining table overlooking the open plan live demo kitchen showcasing the journey with salt – from pleasure to plate – seaside to tableside.

With a variety of food and feature chefs such as Prim Reddy, Marc Wassango and Craig Cormack, enjoy our experistays where it’s not only about the luxurious accomodation but learning about new flavours and dishes.  

Meet Our Guest Chefs

The father of salt cooking in South Africa, bring the journey of salt to life, through his deconstruction and artistic food flavour combinations.

The sassy sister of your TV screens, and owners of Indian Chapter – the best Indian restaurant in South Africa, brings her soulful flavour to the culture cuisine plate of themed evenings at SALT, with her Indian twist of humour of course!

A family man and private chef extraordinaire brings together the mixture of homely comforts and taste buds journeys of food fanatics, all with a jolly good glass of your favorite vino.